Monday, November 30, 2009

Reality Check

Just back home after attending the marriages of two of my closest friends, I lapsed into what dear not-so-old Shantanu calls a moody silence.

The marriages were not the catalyst, but long train journeys indeed provided the mind with some free space and time to work overtime in. And of course, the starting point was that a friend (or someone who had been a very close friend not so long ago) who needed to curtly remind me that even though I may feel like talking, the other person just might not be there to listen. Things change, circumstances change. And so do people. I guess it is ok for them all to change. The only thing being, one must be more prepared to handle change. Because quite a few things came a bolts from the blue for me.

Anyways, preparedness for change is something that may or may not be a hypothetical issue, but moving on with life most definitely is not hypothetical. So that is what I need to do now. And even though I can draw sinister parallels from a visit home a year and a half ago, when started a train of thought and action that is partly responsible for all the ruins around today, I still think I will react to the change. I will try to move on with life. And I most definitely will not be cowed by what happened earlier. So come on, life- Bring it on!!!!!