Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finding Nemo

Yesterday, I was coming back from a hospital with my dad after finally convincing him to get a routine medical check up done. The weather was perfect, a bright sunny winter mid day. The road was deserted and flanked by semi temperate forests on either side, and I found dad in a surprisingly chatty mood.

It was as if his guard was relaxed, he could talk to me about his childhood. We talked of his schooling, the difficulties he faced, the fun he had (and I was shocked my dad has done all this) and lots of other things... And all of a sudden I realised, he considers me a grown up man now. Someone he can share things with, rather than someone he has to take care of. And it was initially a scary thought, but later, it sank in somewhat. Not that it has yet sunk in fully- that will take quite some time.

But it gave me a tremendous feel good sensation- a high better than any other I have experienced till date. I am scared, conscious and yet extremely excited and happy. Is it all possible or am I just becoming soft in the head???

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